Frontier Technologies LLC provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to deliver long-term, sustainable solutions to your company. It is the consultative and tailored approach that has helped us gain and retain the trust of our growing client base. With an extensive background in the software industry, Frontier Technologies has developed a unique portfolio of services designed to meet the dynamic needs of a variety of clients.

Development Services

The success of any project lies in comprehensive problem or process analysis and design, cohesive implementation team and good project management. We give high importance to systems' development with a process in mind right from the beginning to deployment following religiously all project development cycles. Our consultants spend time to understand clients complete requirements and develop systems using time-tested methodologies. Experienced project managers ensure that the process is right and maintained throughout the system execution.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Services

Our consultants have many years’ of experience in building and maintaining Data Warehouses for clients and presenting data through powerful reporting. They can help you design, develop and maintain world-class information solutions that address a wide array of business requirements in accelerated fashion.

Testing Services

Our Testing Services were designed to be flexible enough to integrate with our clients’ chosen development methods and to scale up or down based on their size and IT complexities.

Resourcing Services

We have established proven processes of identifying and strategically developing resources for our client requirements. We understand that application development requires constant client interaction and an in-depth understanding of the user domain to provide the computing solution that will work for you.